Diverging Path: Big Tech Stocks Respond to AI’s Influence


Alphabet and Microsoft on Diverging Paths and the Tech Stocks

Alphabet (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) recently unveiled their quarterly earnings, and the subsequent stock movements highlight the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on these tech giants. While their financial results may have shown mixed performances, the spotlight is firmly on the role of AI in their businesses.

AI’s Influence on Alphabet and Microsoft

During Alphabet’s earnings call, CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged a surge in AI interest within the company’s cloud segment. However, the revenue growth in this sector slowed down sequentially in Q3, which raised concerns among investors.

On the other hand, Microsoft reported sequential growth in its cloud revenue, attributing 3 percentage points of that growth directly to AI. Microsoft CFO Amy Hood emphasized the rapid pace at which AI-driven revenue is increasing, thanks to substantial investments in AI infrastructure.

Wall Street’s Reaction

Microsoft’s ability to directly link revenue growth to AI investments excited Wall Street, leading to a more than 4% rise in Microsoft shares. In contrast, Alphabet’s shares declined by over 8%.

This divergence in stock performance underscores the evolving narrative around AI in 2023. Earlier in the year, AI integrations generated substantial enthusiasm, with notable investments and developments. However, as AI played a significant role in the stock market rally, investors began scrutinizing which companies were best positioned in the AI landscape.

Challenges and Expectations

Executives are now tasked with delicately managing AI expectations. Overhyping AI capabilities in one quarter can lead to disappointment in the next when reality sets in. However, vague explanations about AI investments’ contribution to revenues are equally unsatisfactory.

Investors are seeking clarity on how AI is driving returns. A prime example is Google’s search, a key battleground in the AI competition. Analysts are asking for concrete examples of the return on capital related to AI investments. In Alphabet’s recent earnings call, CEO Sundar Pichai provided a positive outlook on AI’s role but refrained from offering specific numbers.

For now, analysts are not declaring clear winners or losers in the AI race among tech giants. Many still believe in Alphabet’s long-term potential to leverage AI effectively. While some may have incorporated too much AI optimism into their estimates, Alphabet’s sustained investment in the technology indicates future cash flow visibility that is not yet apparent to investors.

In summary, AI’s influence on big tech stocks, particularly Alphabet and Microsoft, is becoming increasingly significant. The AI narrative is evolving, and investors are closely watching how these tech giants navigate and leverage AI investments to drive growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alphabet and Microsoft show divergent stock performance after recent earnings.
  • AI’s role in revenue growth is the primary focus for investors.
  • The impact of AI investments on stock performance and future expectations is a key consideration.
  • Tech giants must manage AI expectations carefully, avoiding overhyping while providing transparency about AI’s contributions to revenues.
  • Alphabet’s long-term potential in leveraging AI remains strong, despite short-term fluctuations.


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