Air Canada Expands Fleet with 787-10 Dreamliners


Air Canada, the prominent Canadian airline, is reinforcing its fleet with a significant order of 18 Boeing 787-10 widebody jets. This move is in line with their commitment to replacing older, less efficient aircraft, optimizing their network coverage, and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Air Canada’s Strategic Choice: A Leap Towards Sustainability

The decision to opt for the 787 Dreamliner family, particularly the 787-10 model, is rooted in its market-leading environmental performance. These aircraft are known to drastically reduce fuel consumption, effectively cutting CO2 emissions by up to 25%. Air Canada views this strategic choice as a cornerstone in their quest for sustainability.

Enhancing Passenger Experience and Fleet Efficiency

Michael Rousseau, the CEO of Air Canada, emphasized the positive response from passengers to the Dreamliner’s flying experience. With plans to premiere a new, state-of-the-art interior cabin design, Air Canada aims to offer an even more enjoyable experience to its customers. Furthermore, the Dreamliner’s fuel efficiency promises operational savings, aligning with Air Canada’s sustainability goals.

An Economic and Environmental Win: Operational Efficiency

Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ CEO, highlighted how the 787-10 will elevate Air Canada’s operational efficiency, making it a vital asset in their fleet. With improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, Air Canada is strategically positioning itself to optimize its operations while minimizing its environmental impact.

Impact on the Canadian Aviation Industry: Economic Growth and Job Creation

The introduction of the 787-10 Dreamliner family into Air Canada’s fleet is not only a strategic move for the airline but also holds significant implications for the Canadian aviation industry. It aligns with Boeing’s strong presence and contributions in Canada, economically benefiting the nation and supporting numerous jobs across the country.

Conclusion: A Future-Focused Fleet

With this significant order, Air Canada is taking a major stride towards a modern, fuel-efficient, and environmentally responsible fleet. The 787-10 Dreamliners symbolize the airline’s commitment to the environment, providing passengers with an enhanced flying experience while advancing sustainability goals.


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