AI’s Uncertain Role in Healthcare Debated at HLTH Conference


The Potential of AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds immense promise in revolutionizing healthcare, addressing value-based care challenges and alleviating administrative burdens on clinicians. Experts foresee AI-powered solutions impacting healthcare positively, potentially transforming value-based care and simplifying healthcare workflows.

Tug of War: Startups vs. Tech Giants

In the evolving landscape of digital health, startups find themselves competing against tech titans like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon, each carving out distinct strategies in the realm of AI for healthcare. The industry witnesses a dynamic struggle between startups striving to demonstrate meaningful change and established tech behemoths with abundant resources.

The Value-Based Care Dilemma

An ongoing debate revolves around the effectiveness of value-based care, where healthcare systems and professionals have a financial stake in maintaining patients’ health and face penalties for unsuccessful interventions. Experts remain uncertain if the current industry scale is achieving the desired impact or if AI holds the key to addressing these challenges.

AI Investments in Digital Health

Investment in AI for digital health has surged, particularly during the pandemic, with substantial capital injections. Despite fluctuations, AI’s share of total digital health investments has remained relatively consistent, hovering around 30%, indicating sustained interest and commitment to integrating AI into healthcare solutions.


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