AMD Exceeds Q3 Earnings Expectations but Misses Q4 Guidance


AMD’s Strong Q3 Performance

In the third quarter of the fiscal year, AMD reported impressive financial results, surpassing the expectations of analysts. The company achieved a revenue of $5.8 billion and an earnings per share (EPS) of $0.70. These figures exceeded the projected values, showcasing the company’s robust performance in the market.

Q4 Guidance Falls Short

Despite its Q3 success, AMD faced challenges with its Q4 guidance. The company’s forecast for the next quarter predicted revenue of $6.1 billion, falling short of the anticipated $6.4 billion. This slight deviation raised concerns among investors and analysts regarding the company’s ability to maintain its growth trajectory.

AMD’s AI Sector Competition with Nvidia

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), AMD competes with industry leader Nvidia. Although Nvidia currently holds a dominant position in the AI chip market, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, remains optimistic. She believes that the AI sector offers room for innovation and competition, emphasizing the ever-evolving nature of technology.

The Significance of AMD’s MI300 Data Center Chip

AMD is pinning its hopes on the MI300, its latest data center chip, to enhance its competitiveness in the data center industry and AI model training. The company anticipates that a substantial uptake of MI300 chips will enable them to capture a significant share of the lucrative data center business. Lisa Su stated that such growth would make the MI300 the fastest product in AMD’s history to achieve $1 billion in sales.

Positive Projections for Future Growth

Industry analysts hold a positive outlook for AMD and its competitors, including Broadcom and Marvell, projecting strong growth by the end of 2024 and into 2025. These semiconductor companies are well-positioned to benefit from long-term positive trends in the tech industry.

Cathie Wood’s Investment in AMD

Cathie Wood’s renowned investment firm, Ark Invest, demonstrated its confidence in AMD’s future by purchasing over 50,000 shares of the company, an investment exceeding $5 million. This significant move by one of the industry’s prominent investors further underscores the potential they see in AMD.

AMD’s Remarkable Year-to-Date Performance

AMD’s shares have exhibited impressive growth, appreciating by approximately 50% year-to-date. This substantial increase reflects the overall positive sentiment and investor confidence in the company’s prospects.

Key Financial Figures

AMD’s Q3 performance metrics compared to analysts’ projections:

  • Revenue: Actual – $5.8 billion, Expected – $5.7 billion
  • Adjusted EPS: Actual – $0.70, Expected – $0.68
  • Adjusted Operating Margin: Actual – 22%, Expected – 21.6%
  • Q4 Revenue Outlook: Actual – ~$6.1 billion, Expected – $6.4 billion

Strategic Focus on AI and Data Centers

AMD has outlined its strategic focus on AI and data centers for the year 2024. The company aims to drive top-line growth at a pace exceeding operating expenses (OpEx) growth, underscoring its commitment to capitalizing on the potential in these sectors.

Wall Street Analyst Recommendations

Wall Street analysts offer recommendations for AMD, including 39 Buy ratings, 12 Hold ratings, and one Sell rating. These ratings provide insight into the market’s perception of AMD’s performance and future prospects.

Challenges in Gaming and Embedded Segments

AMD faced challenges in its gaming and embedded segments during Q3. Gaming revenue for the quarter amounted to $1.5 billion, reflecting an 8% decline compared to the previous year and missing analysts’ expectations of $1.53 billion. The embedded segment revenue was $1.2 billion, marking a 5% year-over-year decrease and falling short of the estimated $1.31 billion.

Investment in Growth

AMD’s strategic approach for 2024 involves increasing investments in research and development (R&D) and go-to-market initiatives to address AI and data center opportunities. The company prioritizes long-term growth as it positions itself to navigate the evolving tech landscape.


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