Apple France Workers Strike Ahead of iPhone 15 Launch


Unions representing Apple store employees in France have declared a strike scheduled for Friday and Saturday, strategically aligned with the release of the iPhone 15. The motivation behind this labor action is rooted in pressing concerns regarding compensation and work conditions.

Demands for Wage Increase and Hiring Policy Alterations:

The foremost demands encompass a 7% wage increment to counteract the effects of inflation and a cessation of the months-long hiring freeze. However, there’s a stark discrepancy between the workers’ expectations and the management’s proposal, which caps the wage hike at a maximum of 4.5%. This disparity has resulted in dissatisfaction among the employees, prompting them to advocate for their rights.

Strike Announcement and Protest Plans:

Subsequently, amidst unaddressed grievances, the unions have collectively decided to call for a strike on September 22 and 23. In a bid to amplify their voices and garner public support, the workers plan to organize demonstrations in close proximity to Apple’s flagship store situated in Paris.

Response to Ongoing Challenges:

This labor action follows a series of challenges for Apple, including a recent setback when the French government suspended sales of iPhone 12 models due to alleged violations of radiation exposure limits. The technology giant has pledged to address this concern by updating the software on the iPhone 12s in France. However, these challenges underscore a broader context of labor rights and working conditions within the company.


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