Apple iPhone 15 Pro Delivery Times Improve Amid Strong Sales


Strong Demand Meets Shortened Delivery Times

Apple’s recent release, the iPhone 15 Pro, has been witnessing strong sales, resembling patterns seen with the iPhone 14 series. The supply chain is catching up with the high demand, leading to a reduction in lead times, particularly for the Pro models. This is viewed as a positive indicator for both consumers and investors.

Analyst Insights and Optimism

JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee, emphasizing this positive trend, reiterated an overweight rating on Apple’s stock. He highlighted that delivery lead times for iPhone 15 have moderated, aligning with historical patterns. This reflects a healthy demand-supply equilibrium and is encouraging for the company’s performance in the market.

Shift Towards Premium Models

With the iPhone 15 series, the trend suggests a shift in sales towards the premium Pro models. Amit Daryanani from Evercore ISI noted a decrease in lead times for these models in China, indicating robust demand. Although Apple’s Composite Rating is modest, analysts foresee a surge in sales for the premium models, showcasing optimism in Apple’s growth trajectory.

This development hints at a promising outlook for Apple, as the iPhone 15 series continues to attract significant interest from consumers and analysts alike.


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