Australians Embrace Electric Vehicles as Sales Soar, Doubling in the Past Year


Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles: Australians are showing a growing enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EVs), as evidenced by a remarkable surge in sales over the past year. In 2023, EV sales more than doubled, reaching an impressive 87,217 vehicles, a substantial increase from the 3.1% market share in 2022.

Shifting Market Dynamics: The automotive industry’s lobby group, FCAI, reported that electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles collectively accounted for 16.2% of the market, with 196,868 units sold. This shift represents a significant transformation in the landscape of Australian automotive preferences.

Promising Figures According to EVC CEO: Beyhad Jafari, the chief executive of the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), expressed optimism about the figures, highlighting the positive trend. He emphasized that as more electric vehicles become available in the Australian market, accompanied by a decrease in prices, the excitement among Australians to own an EV is palpable.

Australia’s Catch-Up Game: Despite starting behind the global curve, Australia is rapidly catching up in the adoption of electric vehicles. Jafari anticipates the momentum will continue, with hopes of seeing sales double yet again in the coming year. The challenge, according to him, is set to grow larger, reflecting the evolving landscape of the automotive industry.

Hybrid Vehicles on the Rise: While hybrid vehicles experienced a slower rise from 7.6% to 8.1% of the market, the overall trend indicates a shifting preference towards eco-friendly transportation. Jafari predicts that, based on the current growth trajectory, EVs will surpass hybrid cars in sales this year, marking a significant milestone in the sustainable transportation journey.


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