Biden Aims to Secure Over $2 Billion Aid for Israel, Ukraine


Introduction: Biden’s Push for Aid Package
The White House’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has revealed that the Biden administration is set to advocate for a substantial weapons aid package for Israel and Ukraine in Congress. This aid package is expected to surpass the initially reported $2 billion.

Biden’s Intensive Talks with Congress
Sullivan mentioned in an interview that President Joe Biden will engage in extensive discussions with the U.S. Congress during the week to stress the urgency and necessity of approving this aid package.

Challenges Faced: Delay due to House Speaker Selection
The approval of this crucial aid package has faced delays due to the challenges in selecting a speaker for the House of Representatives, particularly after the recent ousting of Kevin McCarthy. This delay is occurring amid Israel’s preparations for a ground war against Hamas in Gaza and escalating regional tensions.

Biden’s Comprehensive Budget Request
President Biden is considering a budget request that amalgamates aid for Israel, Ukraine, and possibly Taiwan and the U.S. southern border. This consolidation is an effort to enhance the likelihood of approval, although some Republicans are advocating for reductions in aid to Kyiv.

Uncertainty Surrounding Approval Process
The pathway of how this bill will proceed through Congress, especially in the absence of a House speaker, remains uncertain. Discussions regarding a bipartisan solution to the crisis are ongoing, and different factions within the House are expressing varied opinions.

Senate’s Action as a Precursor
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has emphasized that the Senate might take the initiative to pass an aid bill, indicating a proactive approach to ensure timely aid even in the face of challenges in the House.


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