Bingo Blasts Indonesia’s EV Scene with 3,000 Blind Orders


Wuling has taken a pioneering stride in Indonesia’s electric vehicle (EV) landscape with the successful launch of the Wuling Bingo EV, making it the first automaker in the country to introduce two electric vehicles, including the previously released Air EV. The momentum behind the Bingo EV has been nothing short of remarkable, as the blind ordering campaign garnered an impressive 3,000 units in just one month. This achievement surpasses the pre-order record set by the Air EV, which stood at 2,000 units, underscoring the burgeoning interest and enthusiasm for EVs in Indonesia.

In a strategic move to fortify the EV ecosystem, Wuling has forged crucial partnerships with key players in various sectors. Collaborations with PLN for grid infrastructure, Telkomsel for telecommunications, and Mandiri Bank for financial solutions demonstrate Wuling’s commitment to accelerating EV charging, enhancing connectivity, and providing accessible financing options. These partnerships are not merely transactional but are integral components of a holistic approach to propel the growth of the EV sector in Indonesia.

A significant milestone in this endeavor is the signing of a strategic memorandum, emphasizing the collaborative effort between Wuling and various stakeholders to propel Indonesia’s new energy-electric vehicle development. The memorandum strategically focuses on constructing charging infrastructure, integrating the Internet of Vehicles, and facilitating financial credit. This multifaceted approach aims to strengthen the overall EV ecosystem and ensure its sustained development.

The commitment to sustainable mobility extends beyond the corporate realm as evidenced by government support. Leaders from government departments and associations, including the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, actively participated in the launch event. This visible support underscores the government’s endorsement of EV adoption as a crucial step towards a more sustainable future.

Wuling has emerged as a major player in Indonesia’s EV market, boasting a commanding market share that exceeds fifty percent. The government’s recognition of Wuling’s contribution is exemplified by the Wuling Air EV being chosen as the official vehicle for the G20 Summit in November 2023. Additionally, President Joko Widodo’s visit to the Wuling booth at the Indonesia International Auto Show in February 2023 further emphasizes the government’s acknowledgment of the company’s dedication to providing green mobility solutions.

In summary, Wuling’s strategic partnerships, government endorsements, and market dominance position the company at the forefront of Indonesia’s evolving electric vehicle landscape. The successful launch of the Bingo EV and the overarching commitment to sustainable mobility underscore Wuling’s pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation in the region.


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