BitMEX Co-Founder Maintains Bitcoin $1 Million Prediction


Arthur Hayes’ Bold Bitcoin Prediction

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes continues to stand by his audacious prediction that Bitcoin will reach a remarkable seven-figure milestone. This bold forecast is grounded in the current monetary policy landscape, particularly the influence of central banks on Bitcoin’s future.

Yield Curve Control (YCC) Mechanisms

Hayes points to global central banks employing yield curve control (YCC) mechanisms as a primary driver for Bitcoin’s meteoric rise. The extensive purchases of long-term bonds by central banks, aimed at curbing long-term interest rates, are a key part of this strategy.

Role of Monetary Policy

Crucially, Hayes emphasizes the role of the U.S.’s loose monetary policy in fueling Bitcoin’s ascent. This prediction persists despite recent tightening actions by the Federal Reserve, signaling the powerful influence of these YCC mechanisms.

Initial Prediction and China’s Role

Hayes first introduced this striking Bitcoin valuation in a published essay in March, linking it to China’s accommodating monetary policy. He argued that the Federal Reserve’s decision to halt interest rate hikes marked a phase conducive to financial asset growth.

Global Impact of Monetary Easing

This development is expected to trigger a global trend of monetary easing among other central banks, leading to further stimulus measures. In response, Hayes plans to expedite his transition from treasury bills to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $35,230.

Anticipated Policy Easing

Furthermore, the BitMEX co-founder predicts a broader trend of policy easing among other central banks. He believes that such actions will provide further impetus for the growth of the cryptocurrency market. This reaffirms his earlier projection of Bitcoin reaching the $1 million milestone, originally made earlier this year.


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