BofA Shifts Final Fed Rate Hike Projection to December


BofA Global Research has adjusted its expectations for the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike timeline. Instead of November, the financial institution now anticipates a 25-basis-point rate hike in December.

Rationale Behind the Adjustment

Economists at BofA believe that recent statements from central bank policymakers indicate a preference for a final interest rate hike in December. This shift in projections is influenced by the evolving economic landscape and Federal Reserve’s efforts to maintain monetary stability.

Policymaker Sentiments

The decision to postpone the rate hike to December aligns with recent sentiments expressed by key figures within the Federal Reserve. Policymakers have emphasized the importance of a cautious approach, considering various economic factors, including inflation, employment, and global market conditions.

Year-End Considerations

As the year-end approaches, the Federal Reserve faces critical decisions on interest rates and monetary policy. BofA’s adjustment to a December rate hike reflects the intricate financial dynamics at play and the central bank’s dedication to safeguarding economic stability.


While the timing of the Federal Reserve’s rate hike remains subject to economic developments, BofA’s latest forecast suggests that December is emerging as a pivotal month for U.S. monetary policy.


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