Bradford Sanitary Authority Reviews Industrial Pretreatment Program


Exploring the IPP Reviews

The Bradford Sanitary Authority recently organized a two-day review of its Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP). This program includes industrial site visits, presentations, and facility tours, with the goal of improving understanding and compliance with industrial users. The event was a collaborative effort involving BSA operator and IPP coordinator Matt Dennis, as well as project managers and licensed water and wastewater operators from Gannett Fleming, Vittoria LaRosa, and Eric T. Buzza. Donnie Hayden, BSA Operations Manager, also provided updates on recent plant upgrades and a facility tour.

Purpose of the IPP Review

The Bradford Sanitary Authority’s IPP covers nine industrial sites with eight industrial users. The primary objective of this review was to educate both staff and industrial users about the importance and significance of Industrial Pretreatment Programs (IPPs). These programs play a critical role in treating industrial wastewater before its discharge into a sanitary sewer system. Given the distinct nature of industrial wastewater compared to domestic sewage, it’s crucial to have measures in place to maintain compliance.

The Significance of Industrial Pretreatment

Industrial wastewater can have a substantial impact on sanitary treatment plants and collection systems. Moreover, it can affect the overall health of wastewater treatment plants and the quality of discharged water. IPPs play a pivotal role in regulating these discharges. They establish categorical standards recognized nationwide and develop local limits tailored to the treatment plant’s capabilities. By placing requirements and conducting regular sampling, IPPs aim to prevent the introduction of pollutants.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

BSA Executive Director Steve Disney highlighted the Bradford Sanitary Authority’s investments in local wastewater plants and infrastructure. These investments ensure the safe and responsible discharge of sanitary waste for customers while providing the capacity for community growth and expansion. The authority maintains strong relationships with its Industrial Pretreatment Program customers and remains committed to their continued success.


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