Caterpillar Exceeds Q3 Earnings Expectations but Issues Cautious Q4 Outlook


Caterpillar’s Strong Q3 Earnings:

In the third quarter, Caterpillar outperformed market expectations, delivering robust earnings. However, the company’s outlook for the fourth quarter is more cautious.

Expert Analysis:

D.A. Davidson’s Michael Shlisky, Managing Director of Equity Research, offers his insights on Caterpillar’s performance. He highlights that order activity, particularly in mega projects such as large EV and battery plants, plays a crucial role in determining Caterpillar’s future.

Prioritizing Growth:

Shlisky notes that Caterpillar’s growth remains significant in North America, particularly in the construction sector, with retail sales up by approximately 20%. Mining, on the other hand, has witnessed a 49% decline. Shlisky suggests that cost-cutting actions might not be a priority for Caterpillar in 2024.

Neutral Outlook:

Shlisky currently maintains a neutral rating on Caterpillar stock with a price target of $294. He emphasizes that Caterpillar’s performance in mega projects, especially in the EV sector, will be a key factor in potentially changing this rating.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While Caterpillar faces challenges in certain markets like China and Latin America, its strong performance in North America offers optimism. The company’s ability to manage and adapt to market dynamics will be pivotal in its future success.


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