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Challenges Faced by Spindex Industries (SGX:564) Investors in the Past Year


Overview of Spindex Industries Performance:

Investors in Spindex Industries (SGX:564) faced challenges in the past year, with a significant 20% drop in share prices—underscoring the company’s struggle amidst a market decline of 1.8%. Over the last three years, the stock has declined by 5.5%, and recent shareholders witnessed a 10% drop in the last 90 days, potentially influenced by the broader market’s 6.1% decline.

II. Assessing Long-Term Shareholder Return:

Despite the recent setbacks, examining Spindex Industries’ long-term shareholder return reveals a 1.7% gain per year over half a decade. This contrasts with the market’s 1.8% increase over the past year. While short-term challenges persist, long-term investors may find potential opportunities amid indications of sustainable growth.

III. Examining Fundamentals and Earnings Per Share (EPS):

Buffett’s perspective is invoked, emphasizing the importance of assessing sentiment and value. Spindex Industries reported a significant 37% drop in EPS over the last year. Although the 20% share price decrease is notable, it’s somewhat alleviated by the fact that the EPS reduction was even more substantial.

IV. Warning Signs and Considerations:

Investors should be aware of potential risks, as Spindex Industries shows 2 warning signs and 1 critical factor that should not be ignored. As with any investment, understanding both short-term challenges and long-term potential is crucial for informed decision-making.



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