China Evergrande EV: -23% as Director Detained


Executive Director’s Detention Shakes Evergrande NEV Stocks:

Evergrande NEV, the electric vehicle manufacturing arm of China Evergrande, witnessed a significant 23% plunge in its stocks following the detention of its executive director, Mr. Liu Yongzhuo. The company, in a statement to the Hong Kong exchange, confirmed that Mr. Liu was detained in accordance with the law due to suspected illegal activities.

Nature of the Alleged Crimes Unveiled:

Unfortunately, the filing did not provide explicit details on the nature of the alleged crimes or the timing of Mr. Liu’s detention, leaving investors and industry observers in suspense. This lack of clarity added to the market uncertainty, prompting Evergrande NEV to call for a trading halt before resuming at 1 p.m. Hong Kong time.

Market Reaction to Evergrande NEV’s Turmoil:

The market turbulence comes on the heels of last week’s setback when Evergrande NEV experienced an 18% drop in shares. The revelation that the planned share sale to U.S.-listed NWTN was scrapped added to the company’s woes. Investors now grapple with the dual challenges of a failed share sale and the unsettling news of the executive director’s detention.

Future Implications and Investor Concerns:

As Evergrande NEV navigates this challenging period, investors are closely monitoring developments and seeking clarity on the impact of Mr. Liu’s detention on the company’s operations. The lack of transparency surrounding the alleged crimes raises concerns about governance and regulatory compliance within the organization, creating a ripple effect in the stock market. The company’s ability to address these concerns and restore investor confidence will be pivotal in determining its future trajectory.


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