China Strengthens Control Over Electric Vehicle Sector


China Takes Measures to Regulate Electric Vehicle Expansion

In a response to criticism from Western nations, China has announced its intention to control the rapid growth of the country’s electric vehicle (EV) sector. Xin Guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology, voiced concerns about the “insufficient” external consumer demand and vowed to take “forceful measures” against the “blind” construction of new EV projects by some local authorities and enterprises.

Addressing Disorderly Competition

Guobin pointed out the presence of “disorderly competition behaviors” within the industry, prompting the need for regulatory intervention. This move comes amid an ongoing trade war, with the EU launching an anti-dumping investigation into the Chinese EV industry in September. The investigation raised concerns that Chinese companies pose a significant threat to European carmakers, struggling to compete with low-cost, high-tech imports.

Clash of Trade Disputes

The trade tensions escalated further as Beijing responded to the EU investigation by initiating its probe into French cognac sales to China. Guobin condemned foreign “protectionist behaviors” and the “abuse” of trade dispute mechanisms, echoing Beijing’s stance against perceived bias in the EU probe and sweeping US restrictions on China-made EVs and batteries.

Growing Concerns of Oversaturation

While China dominates the global car export market, concerns are rising about the oversaturation of the EV market domestically. Xin acknowledged the intense domestic competition but did not announce specific measures to address the price-cutting practices that have plagued the industry since late 2022.

Challenges for Domestic and Foreign Players

Foreign carmakers, slow to transition to EVs, face increased competition in China. Simultaneously, local companies are grappling with the challenges of market oversaturation. Experts warn of an impending price war as automakers, fueled by generous bank credit, strive to gain market share by slashing prices and margins.

Conclusion: China’s move to tighten control over its electric vehicle industry reflects a response to global trade tensions, with implications for both domestic and foreign players in the rapidly evolving EV market. The industry awaits further developments as regulatory measures unfold.


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