Citi Alerts UK Staff About Potential Job Cuts in Reorganization – Memo


Citigroup, a prominent financial institution with a workforce of approximately 16,000 employees in the UK, has conveyed a cautionary message to its employees based in the UK regarding potential job redundancies. Additionally, this warning coincides with the bank’s initiation of a comprehensive restructuring phase, expected to impact various facets of its banking operations.

In a memo obtained by Reuters, James Bardrick, the Citi Country Officer for the UK, apprised employees of the commencement of phase two of the bank’s reorganization plans. As part of this phase, the bank aims to initiate a thorough consultation process, enabling employees to offer their perspectives and feedback regarding the restructuring efforts. This approach underscores Citi’s commitment to incorporating employee viewpoints into the decision-making process, recognizing the value of their insights.

However, Citi also anticipates that this review and reorganization might lead to a reduction in roles across certain parts of the business, necessitating modifications to other roles. The memo did not specify the precise number of jobs that might be affected or eliminated; however, the bank remains dedicated to following all legal and regulatory obligations throughout this process.

Moreover, Citi emphasized its commitment to providing support and assistance to colleagues during this period of organizational transformation. This includes the bank ensuring that it appropriately supports employees impacted by the restructuring through any necessary transitions, reflecting the bank’s dedication to upholding a sense of responsibility towards its workforce.

The restructuring at this scale signifies a strategic realignment to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Moreover, the financial sector commonly undertakes such restructuring initiatives, driven by the need to remain agile and competitive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.


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