Construction Begins for Industrial Egg Farm in Ukraine

Ukraine is a true champion when it comes to egg production but oversupply has put price levels under pressure.

Krupetsk Agricultural Corporation Initiates 400,000 Hen Egg Farm Project in Western Ukraine Amidst Challenging Times.

In a noteworthy move within Ukraine’s agriculture sector, Krupetsk Agricultural Corporation, a prominent poultry manufacturer based in Rivno, has embarked on the construction of a state-of-the-art egg farm. The farm, designed to accommodate 400,000 laying hens, is a remarkable undertaking, particularly given the challenging backdrop of ongoing hostilities in the region since February 2022.

The selected location for the project is the abandoned agricultural facility in Sitnoe village, situated in the Rivno region. Construction activities commenced in March 2023, with an ambitious target for completion set for November of the same year. Notably, the egg production from this facility is set to meet rigorous European standards, positioning it for potential exports to the European Union. As part of this commitment, the company has already installed poultry cages that adhere to the strict regulatory guidelines set by European authorities.

Krupetsk Agricultural Corporation already boasts a strong presence in the region, operating two broiler farms, an egg farm, and a feed mill in the Rivno area. The company also contributes to crop cultivation, producing corn, wheat, barley, sunflower, and sugar beet across 7 hectares of agricultural land in western Ukraine. Historically, the company has exported a portion of its products to markets primarily in the Middle East and Africa.

An affirmation of progress comes from Vitaly Koval, the head of the regional administration, who acknowledges the resilience of Krupetsk Agro-Corporation. Koval underscores the importance of the new poultry farm, stating that it sends a powerful message to the entire industry, urging continuous advancement. Amidst wartime challenges, this initiative bolsters the economic stability of the region.

Koval highlights the positive impact of the egg farm on local employment, with the creation of 20 high-paying jobs. Additionally, the facility is anticipated to contribute significantly to the local economy, projected to generate UAH 3 million (approximately US$81,300) in annual taxes for the Krupetsk rural community.

The egg market in Ukraine has experienced unprecedented upheaval throughout 2023, with fluctuations in prices and supply. The challenges are compounded by ongoing conflicts in the Donetsk region, where several farms suspended operations and significant poultry losses occurred due to shelling. These losses have, in turn, affected egg prices, particularly given the historical importance of the Donetsk region as a key supplier to the Ukrainian egg market.

Amidst the complexities, the construction of the industrial egg farm stands as a testament to the resilience of the agricultural sector and its commitment to growth, sustainability, and economic development.


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