Contemplating the Shift: Nexon EV Owner’s Decision on Embracing Punch EV


The decision to shift from a Nexon EV to the newly launched Punch EV prompts a thorough evaluation by a seasoned EV enthusiast.

Ownership Overview: In the nearly three years of Nexon EV ownership, the car has served various purposes, including family trips, errands, and interstate road journeys, providing insights into its versatile usage.

Anticipation for Next-Gen EVs: Being in the EV charging industry, the owner was aware of upcoming Tata EVs on the Acti.EV platform, leading to a strategic booking of the Punch EV to secure introductory prices.

Comparison at the Showroom: Upon visiting the showroom, a meticulous comparison between the Punch EV and Nexon EV reveals nuances in color, interior features, and overall aesthetics.

Interior and Comfort: While the Punch EV introduces premium features like a two-spoke steering wheel and paddle shifter-based regen selector, the Nexon EV’s superior plastics, proportions, and overall comfort make it a tough competitor.

Seating Experience: A detailed analysis of front and rear seats, including comfort, material, and space efficiency, tips the scale slightly in favor of the Nexon EV.

Technological Advancements: Both EVs showcase advancements, but the Punch EV gains an edge with features like arcade.EV and 360° cameras, despite some limitations in battery cell technology.

Utility and Practicality: Examining aspects such as boot space, road presence, and EV-specific attributes like range and charging, the comparison unfolds with each vehicle securing points based on its strengths.

Architecture and Longevity: The Acti.EV-powered Punch EV triumphs in terms of architecture and future-proofing, presenting a compelling case for staying relevant over time.

Ride Quality and Headroom: The Nexon EV offers a more plush ride, while the Punch EV’s taller build is offset by concerns regarding headroom and sunroof design.

Headlights and Additional Considerations: An in-depth look at headlights, battery architecture, and practical considerations like battery placement reinforces the decision-making process.

Final Decision and Future Prospects: Despite Nexon EV’s overall superiority in certain aspects, the owner contemplates replacing it with the Punch EV, driven by a unique set of circumstances and priorities related to multi-car ownership and family usage.

Closing Recommendation: The owner provides tailored advice for potential buyers of Tiago EV, new Nexon EV, or XUV 400, urging them to consider upcoming EV launches for a comprehensive decision-making approach.


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