Tesla Likely to Announce EV Factory in Gujarat at Jan Summit


Tesla’s Potential EV Factory in Gujarat: Tesla is on the verge of revealing Gujarat as the chosen site for its electric vehicle (EV) factory during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in January 2024. This strategic move has the potential to significantly influence and reshape the dynamics of the Indian EV market.

Initial Steps and Investment: In the initial phase, Tesla may opt for importing cars through the Complete Built-Up (CBU) route, demonstrating a substantial commitment with a USD 2 billion investment to establish the manufacturing plant. This strategic move aims to invigorate the EV segment in India and foster the growth of the entire ecosystem.

Elon Musk’s Role: The formal announcement of Tesla’s EV factory plans is expected to be made at the summit, and all eyes are on Elon Musk to play a pivotal role in unveiling the details. His presence could mark a transformative moment for Tesla’s entry into one of the world’s largest automotive markets.

Localized Production and Impact: The prospective localized production of Tesla vehicles in Gujarat holds the promise of significant localizations, ultimately leading to a reduction in the prices of electric cars. The additional prospect of local production for battery packs further strengthens Tesla’s position in the competitive Indian market.

Model Range and Market Strategy: Initially, Tesla might import popular models such as the Model 3 and Model Y using the CBU route, potentially benefitting from reduced import taxes as part of its manufacturing commitment. The recently revamped Model 3 is likely to serve as the flagship model before introducing a more affordable, locally manufactured Model 2 in the foreseeable future.

Tesla’s Strategic Entry into India: Tesla’s potential entry into India not only signifies a crucial market move but also aligns with the company’s broader commitment to expanding its presence in major global markets. The strategy reflects Tesla’s determination to establish a firm foothold in India’s growing EV landscape.


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