Crypto Expert Warns Ethereum Could Drop 40% Against Bitcoin


Expert Analysis Signals Concern

Renowned crypto market analyst Cowen, known for insightful analyses, highlights a potential grim future for Ethereum in the cryptocurrency domain. Armed with a PhD in Engineering, Cowen’s recent findings on Ethereum’s trajectory against Bitcoin have raised eyebrows and instilled caution in the crypto community.

Ethereum Faces Steep Decline

Cowen’s analysis points to a significant setback for Ethereum, foreseeing a projected 40% fall in its value against Bitcoin. He substantiates this claim by emphasizing the consistent decline of the ETH/BTC ratio. This decline, according to Cowen, might signify a turning point in the realm of altcoins.

Data-Backed Forecast

Underpinning his prediction is a detailed chart shared by Cowen on social media, illustrating Ethereum’s potential plummet from its current position of 0.057 BTC to a worrisome low of 0.035 BTC. This analytical approach provides a quantitative basis for the anticipated decline.

Consistent Bearish Sentiment

This isn’t the first time Cowen has expressed bearish sentiment regarding Ethereum’s standing against Bitcoin. Dating back to June, he had already predicted the collapse of the ETH/BTC ratio, maintaining this outlook despite the gradual pace of the decline. Last week, he reiterated his concerns about the ongoing downtrend.

Analysis Based on Dominance and Liquidity Drain

Cowen’s prediction stems from his analysis of Bitcoin’s growing dominance and the consistent liquidity drain from the broader cryptocurrency market. As Bitcoin solidifies its dominance, the appeal of altcoins like Ethereum could diminish, potentially resulting in the foreseen devaluation against BTC. These factors paint a challenging picture for Ethereum in the evolving crypto landscape.


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