CryptoDesk: Features And Advantages


CryptoDesk is a UAe-based crypto exchange platform that eases the exchanges of cryptocurrency It is also one of the most popular OTC crypto exchanges in UAE. Here, you can buy or sell cryptocurrency in Dubai. It is for beginners as well as expert traders. 

Owning Crypto Currency comes with a lot of benefits –

  • No Third-Party Seizure- having cryptocurrency gives you complete freedom to do anything you want with the money as the government can not take it from you.
  • No Tax-As there is no way for a third-party interception, they can not be implemented in the Bitcoin taxation system.
  • No Tracking- unless you don’t publicly announce about owning bitcoins, no one can track your earnings otherwise
  • No Transaction Costs- there is no transaction cost involved in the process of buying or selling bitcoins.
  • No Risk of Charge-backs- once exchanged, bitcoins can not be reversed. This is mainly because the ownership address of bitcoin changes to that of the new owner when the transaction is over and it is impossible to revert.

Using the services of cryptoDesk, You can exchange fiat for crypto or vice versa for security and convenience. It allows you to buy or sell more than 600 cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and features that make CrypoDesk better than others.

Features of CryptoDesk

Transparent Pricing

CrypoDesk is a safe exchange platform for your crypto trading that offers the lowest commission rates in Dubai. They is no hidden charges. So go ahead and get the best exchange rates at Crypto Desk.

Fast and secure Transactions

CrypoDesk follows a safe protocol for your crypto exchange and completes transactions in just a few minutes. This is what makes it the best crypto exchange in the UAE

Reliability Of CrypoDesk 

About 60% of traders face online scams when crypto trading. CrypoDesk is a safe platform that ensures 100% scam-free transactions.

Advantages of CrypoDesk-

Best Rates offered

Buying cryptocurrencies can be expensive online, especially when using a credit or debit card. Sometimes the exchange percentage can go as high as 7%. However when you buy from Crypodesk which is a local exchange platform you save a lot of money in the long run.

Diversified Brokerage

Portfolio diversity is the key strategy to grow when you are investing in the crypto market. CrypoDesk has over 500 cryptocurrencies for you to choose from.

Excellent Customer Support of CrypoDesk

One of the reasons why Crypodesk is so popular is because of its amazing customer service strategies that let its representatives respond to enquiries in just a few minutes. Their goal is to fix any problem the customer has within 24 hours of enquiry. Other exchanges usually take about 3-5 business days to solve your problem making Crypodesk better than others.

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