Crypto’s Progressive Decentralization Problem


Understanding “Progressive Decentralization”

The term “decentralization” is omnipresent in the crypto world, symbolizing a governance model and an ideal. Yet, it’s often misused, illustrating a deeper issue. VC fund Variant, in collaboration with crypto lawyer Jake Chervinsky, emphasizes “progressive decentralization,” recognizing that true decentralization is a gradual process rather than an immediate state. This approach involves an initial centralized phase, which is particularly crucial for leadership during product development and market fit.

The Illusion of Decentralization

A recurring problem is projects hastily claiming decentralization, aiming to appease regulators or exploit the market. Such claims are frequently driven by profit motives rather than a genuine commitment to decentralization principles. This misuse tarnishes the industry, highlighting the need for a more pragmatic view. Not every project is suited for decentralization, and established structures like corporations and democracies have their merits for decision-making.

Striking a Balance

While some projects may not fit the decentralized mold, success stories like Bitcoin and Uniswap showcase the potential of decentralization. However, achieving true decentralization is a complex and challenging endeavor. Striking a balance between decentralized ideals and practicality is crucial, acknowledging that centralized control may be the best solution for certain blockchain projects.

A Reminder of Industry Progress

In the midst of current events and legal proceedings, the crypto industry remains steadfast in its progression, placing a strong emphasis on the genuine implementation of decentralization. Engagements such as the insightful discussion with Variant and Jake Chervinsky bring forth a clearer perspective on the industry’s maturation and underscore the necessity for a nuanced comprehension of decentralization’s significance and its authentic utilization.


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