Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV: Affordable, 330 km, 430 km


Dongfeng, on January 7, unveiled its groundbreaking Nammi 01 EV, showcasing a remarkable blend of affordability and impressive features.

Distinctive Design and Dimensions: Positioned as a compact EV, the Nammi 01 boasts dimensions of 4030/1810/1570 mm, ensuring a spacious five-seater layout. The exterior, available in vibrant colors, features a closed grille design, triangular headlights, hidden door handles, frameless doors, and a suspended roof.

Interior Elegance: Inside, the cockpit offers two color schemes and modern amenities. A 5-inch LCD instrument panel, a two-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a 12.8-inch floating central control screen provide a tech-savvy driving experience. Advanced features include mobile remote control, OTA updates, and intelligent voice control.

Advanced Driving Assistance: The Nammi 01 doesn’t compromise on safety and convenience, incorporating level 2 advanced driving assistance. From blind spot monitoring to autonomous parking and adaptive cruise control, it ensures a secure and enjoyable driving experience.

Efficient Power and Range: Powered by a front-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor, the Nammi 01 reaches a top speed of 140 km/h. Its lithium iron phosphate battery packs offer two options, providing impressive CLTC cruising ranges of 330 km and 430 km. Fast charging capabilities allow the battery to reach 80% in just 30 minutes.

Affordable Pricing and Variants: Dongfeng presents the Nammi 01 at an enticing price range of 74,800 – 104,800 yuan (10,400 – 14,600 USD). With six models to choose from and a range of customization options, consumers can enjoy an affordable yet personalized electric driving experience.

Production Milestone: Highlighting its swift market entry, the Nammi 01 commenced production on January 6, marking a significant milestone for Dongfeng’s venture into compact electric vehicles.

Conclusion: In summary, the Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV emerges as a cost-effective and stylish choice in the electric vehicle market, emphasizing innovation, affordability, and a commitment to a sustainable future.


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