Edward Norton Declares Traditional TV’s Demise


Edward Norton Board Meetings with Zeck:

Edward Norton introduces Zeck, a revolutionary cloud-based platform designed to transform board meetings. Described as the “death to the board deck,” Zeck aims to streamline the preparation of board meeting materials for companies and nonprofits.

AI in Entertainment:

Norton shares nuanced views on artificial intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry. Expressing skepticism about AI completely replacing human input, he likens AI to a tool, comparing it to the role of CGI in filmmaking.

The Demise of Linear Television:

Norton predicts the imminent demise of linear television, envisioning a future where content is accessible everywhere, on-demand. He anticipates a shift where streaming becomes the norm, emphasizing the end of traditional linear TV.

Netflix’s Evolution:

Discussing the changing landscape, Norton foresees a significant transformation for platforms like Netflix. As linear TV fades, streaming services, even ad-supported, will dominate. Norton suggests Netflix is poised to become a major ad-supported network in this evolving television landscape.

Negotiating the Future:

Highlighting the impending shift, Norton emphasizes the need for negotiations in this changing landscape. With the prospect of a broader audience and diverse monetization models, the entertainment industry faces a pivotal moment, and strategic negotiations become crucial.

Expanding the Content Pie:

Norton concludes by stating that the evolving landscape will lead to an expanded content pie. With diverse viewing options, including ad-supported streaming, the entertainment industry is on the brink of significant growth and change.


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