Elon Musk: Tesla Staff ‘On Duty,’ Crafting Affordable EV


Elon Musk’s Vision Unveiled

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has disclosed plans to initiate the production of a more economical electric vehicle, codenamed “Redwood.” This move is in response to the growing demand for affordable electric cars and aims to position Tesla as a leader in the mass-market segment.

Living on the Manufacturing Line

During Tesla’s recent earnings call, Musk emphasized the need for engineers to be fully immersed in the production process, stating, “We really need engineers to be living on the line.” Musk envisions a hands-on approach, with employees dedicated to ensuring the success of this ambitious project.

Challenges in Production Ramp

Acknowledging the complexity of the production process, Musk highlighted that building the Redwood would be a “challenging production ramp.” He emphasized the need for innovative manufacturing technology, foreseeing a period where the team will be “sleeping on the line practically.”

Affordable EV Revolution

The new model, with a starting price of $25,000, aims to make electric vehicles more accessible. Tesla’s request for quotes to suppliers projected a significant weekly production volume, indicating the company’s commitment to meeting the rising demand for budget-friendly electric cars.

Technological Innovation

Musk underscored the necessity for a “tremendous amount of new revolutionary manufacturing technology” to bring the Redwood to life. This implies a departure from conventional manufacturing methods, aligning with Tesla’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Expansion Plans in Northern Mexico

Post-launch, the Redwood will not only be produced in Austin but also at a new factory in Northern Mexico. This expansion reflects Tesla’s strategic approach to meet global demand and establish a footprint in key markets.

This detailed content provides an overview of Elon Musk’s announcement, emphasizing the challenges, innovations, and strategic moves involved in Tesla’s venture into a more affordable electric vehicle market.


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