Ethereum (ETFs) have made their U.S. debut at CBOE


A New Era for Ethereum: ETFs Debut on CBOE

Nine Ethereum futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have kicked off trading on the renowned Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). This marks a significant milestone as these are the first products of their kind in the United States.

Diverse Offerings from Renowned Firms

Leading investment firms including ProShares, VanEck, Bitwise, Valkyrie, Kelly, and Volshares collaborated to introduce this array of ETFs. ProShares took the lead by unveiling three funds focused on Ethereum and Bitcoin strategies.

Early Trading and Demand Dynamics

Despite the anticipation, the initial trading volumes were relatively subdued, reaching under $2 million in total traded value by late morning. This contrasts with the high demand witnessed during the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF launch in the previous year.

A Different Approach: Tracking Future Prices

These newly introduced ETFs primarily track the future price of Ethereum, offering investors an avenue to speculate on its price movements without owning the actual asset.

VanEck’s Unique Approach and Philanthropy

VanEck’s ETF, EFUT, will gather capital through investments in ether futures contracts. Notably, VanEck has committed to donating a portion of its profits from the ETF to Ethereum’s core developers, showcasing a unique philanthropic dimension.

Outlook for Ethereum and Future Prospects

As of the launch date, Ethereum’s price stood at $1,690. The crypto displayed a modest 24-hour rise and a notable 7% increase over the past week. As the ETFs find their footing in the market, the cryptocurrency community awaits their potential impact and the forthcoming spot crypto ETFs.


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