Ethereum (ETH) Developers Tease Deneb-Cancun Upgrade


Ethereum developers are gearing up for the highly anticipated Deneb-Cancun upgrade, signaling the imminent release of Devnet #10, a crucial milestone ahead of the upgrade’s public Ethereum testnet launch.

Road to Devnet #10

Barnabas Busa, a DevOps engineer for the Ethereum Foundation, has indicated a significant step in the preparation for the Deneb-Cancun upgrade. Developers are eagerly awaiting new software releases from client teams, which will pave the way for the launch of Devnet #10, likely the final development network before the upgrade goes live on public Ethereum testnets like Goerli.

Introducing Deneb Release for CL Clients

In parallel, Ethereum has introduced a new Deneb release for CL clients, version 1.4.0-beta.3, affectionately dubbed “the summoning.” This release signifies a significant development in the lead-up to the Cancun/Deneb (Dencun) upgrade.

Key Changes in CL Spec Release

The “the summoning” release includes two pivotal changes in the CL code specifications:

  1. Mainnet KZG Configurations: The team has completed the essential formatting work to finalize the output from Ethereum’s trusted setup ceremony and has now incorporated it into the most recent CL spec release.
  2. New Gossip Rule: To maintain network integrity, this rule ensures that CL nodes do not transmit more than the maximum allowable blobs per block. Presently set at six blobs per block, this rule prevents validators from flooding the network with invalid messages exceeding this limit.

Client Updates and Ethereum’s Progress

Additionally, an Ethereum client has unveiled its v4.1.0 version, setting the stage for Deneb support. This release introduces several new features, including memory reduction with multi-value slices, block processing optimization with EIP-4881, improved portable build performance with BLST0.3.11, and live previews of multiarch containers.

While capabilities like backward syncing and filesystem-based blob storage are slated for Q4, 2024, this release marks a pivotal step forward in Ethereum’s ongoing development and readiness for the Deneb-Cancun upgrade.


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