EV Giants Seek Solid-State Battery Breakthroughs


Solid-state batteries represent a revolutionary leap in electric vehicle (EV) technology, promising increased energy storage, extended driving ranges, and faster charging capabilities. Despite decades of research and significant investments, the realization of this technology’s full potential remains challenging.

Leading Innovators: QuantumScape and Blue Solutions

QuantumScape, a U.S. startup, has developed a semi-solid state cell with remarkable features, potentially boosting an EV’s driving range by 14%-43%. Despite initial estimates, it shipped prototypes in late 2022, showcasing durability and fast charging capabilities.

France’s Blue Solutions is already selling solid-state batteries for buses and aims to develop a new product for cars with a polymer electrolyte, targeting a charging time of less than 20 minutes and a 30% range increase.

Global Automotive Players: Toyota, ProLogium, and Nio

Toyota, a automotive giant, announced a breakthrough in solid-state technology, planning commercialization by 2027-2028 with an impressive range of 1,000 km and a quick charging time of 10 minutes.

ProLogium Technology from Taiwan plans to ship prototype samples by the end of 2023, aiming for a near doubling of energy densities. Cooperation deals with Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, and TotalEnergies underline its global ambitions.

Chinese EV maker Nio has commercialized 150 kWh semi-solid-state batteries with a range of up to 1,000 km, offering a battery-swapping service for its vehicles.

Global Battery Producers: Ganfeng LiEnergy, CATL, Solid Power

Ganfeng LiEnergy, a subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium, produces semi-solid-state batteries powering EVs for China’s Seres, demonstrating a range of 530 km and a fast charge time of 50 minutes.

China’s CATL unveiled a condensed matter battery, with plans for mass production in 2023. U.S. startup Solid Power and Factorial Energy also contribute to this global effort, receiving investments from major automakers.

South Korean Advancements: LG Energy Solution, SK On, Samsung SDI

LG Energy Solution aims to develop polymer-based and sulfide-based solid-state batteries by 2026 and 2030, respectively.

SK On, a unit of SK Innovation, is working on two solid-state cell types, targeting prototypes by 2026 and commercialization by 2028.

Samsung SDI launched prototypes of a solid-state battery without an anode, anticipating mass production in 2027.

Honda’s Plans and Collaborations:

Honda plans to launch a solid-state battery test line in 2024, with intentions to incorporate these batteries into models later in the decade. Additionally, Honda has invested in SES AI for the joint development of semi-solid-state batteries, highlighting collaborative efforts in advancing EV technology.


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