EV Tragedy: Startup Mourns Accident, Driver Alleges Coercion in Fatal Demo


Bengaluru-based EV startup, Pravaig Dynamics, expressed deep sorrow following a fatal accident during a demonstration in Uttarakhand’s Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The incident, resulting in four deaths and a missing woman warden, occurred as the company showcased its all-terrain electric SUV.

Driver’s Disturbing Account: Driver Ashbin Biju, a BE Mechanical Engineer, countered claims of intoxication or fatigue. Biju revealed that during the Forest Department-approved trial, the first drive proceeded incident-free. However, during the second round, forest officials allegedly coerced him to overload the vehicle with nine personnel, surpassing its seating capacity. Despite Biju’s resistance, they insisted on off-road maneuvers and acceleration beyond the planned range.

Unfortunate Turn of Events: Biju, adhering to safety concerns, initially resisted the acceleration requests. Eventually, succumbing to pressure, he gave a brief burst, causing the electric vehicle to reach an uncontrollable speed of 70 kmph. The unstable terrain led to a tire burst, resulting in the vehicle colliding with a tree and subsequently crashing into an embankment wall.

Company’s Response and Investigation: Pravaig Dynamics, in its official statement, acknowledged the tragedy and reported casualties stemming from the tire burst. The company is actively collaborating with investigating agencies and distributors to gather more details on the unfortunate incident that transpired during an authorized trial run in Rajaji National Park, in partnership with the Forest Department of Uttarakhand.


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