FCA Offers Guidance on UK Crypto Asset Promotion Compliance


FCA Responds to Low Compliance with UK Crypto Asset Promotion Rules

The United Kingdom’s new rules for crypto asset promotion, which came into effect on October 8, have faced significant issues of compliance within the crypto industry. In response to these challenges, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has taken steps to provide additional guidance to crypto firms in order to enhance adherence to the regulations.

FCA’s Supportive Approach

The FCA has maintained a supportive stance toward the cryptocurrency industry, exemplified by its efforts to guide market participants since the initial publication of the new rules on June 8. The regulatory authority has even extended certain technical deadlines until January 8, 2024, to facilitate industry adjustments. Despite these measures, some market players have announced their withdrawal from the UK due to the regulatory changes, and overall compliance has been subpar since the rules were introduced.

The New FCA Guidance

To address the compliance issues and offer clarity to crypto firms, the FCA has released “finalized non-handbook guidance” on November 2. This guidance not only outlines how crypto firms should adhere to the rules but also provides insight into the FCA’s response to industry feedback. According to Lucy Castledine, the director of consumer investments at the FCA, this move aims to help the industry align itself with the new regulatory framework.

Key Highlights from the Guidance

The comprehensive 32-page guidance does not introduce fresh obligations for crypto firms. Instead, it emphasizes a new “secondary international competitiveness objective” while covering the expectations for firms’ domestic behavior. The guidance is structured into two sections: the first highlights key aspects of the rules and relevant legal documents, and the second section provides detailed responses to questions raised during the consultation phase.

Future Regulatory Developments

In addition to these efforts, the UK has implemented the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule on September 1. Moreover, the country is preparing to introduce legislation to regulate stablecoins in Parliament next year. These developments reflect the UK’s commitment to fostering a well-regulated and competitive crypto industry.

The FCA’s guidance, industry response, and ongoing regulatory measures demonstrate the evolving landscape of crypto asset promotion in the United Kingdom.


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