FedEx Plane Crash-Lands at Chattanooga Airport


Chattanooga Airport Incident: FedEx Cargo Plane Emergency Landing

In a recent event that sent ripples through Chattanooga, Tennessee, a FedEx cargo airplane made a harrowing emergency landing at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. The incident, which occurred around 11 p.m., saw the aircraft experience a landing gear failure during its final approach. Thankfully, all three individuals aboard the plane emerged uninjured, a testament to the crew’s skill and quick decision-making.

The pilot immediately alerted the control tower, stating that they would perform a no-gear landing. As the Boeing 757 circled the airport, the tension in the air was palpable. The plane eventually made its descent, touching down on the runway. However, the landing was hard, causing the plane to skid off the end of the runway.

Emergency services, including the Chattanooga Fire Department, Chattanooga Police Department, and Hamilton County EMS, were swiftly on the scene. While there was no fire reported, smoke billowed from the engines, showcasing the intensity of the landing. The response teams were lauded for their coordinated efforts in handling the situation and preventing a potential catastrophe.

The aftermath of the incident led to the temporary closure of the airport’s main runway, causing flight delays until late Thursday morning. Operations were disrupted, affecting flights to and from the city. FedEx, a major operator at the airport, had to adjust its schedule temporarily. Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have initiated investigations to determine the cause and gather insights into preventing such incidents in the future. The incident underscores the critical role of airport safety and emergency response procedures in averting potential disasters in the aviation industry.


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