First Hydrogen Revives Stock as Canada Boosts EV Regulations


First Hydrogen’s Revival: New FCEV Program Sparks Investor Interest

First Hydrogen, a standout EV stock, is making waves with the launch of its hydrogen-powered-fuel-cell vehicle (FCEV) program in North America, aiming to rejuvenate its market standing. The company, known for its market-beating performance, plans to leverage Quebec’s mature hydrogen ecosystem to develop two demonstrator FCEVs tailored for North American fleet customers.

Key Partnerships and Success Abroad

The FCEV, designed in collaboration with AVL Powertrain and Ballard Power Systems, boasts an impressive range of over 630 kilometers. Building on the success of a trial program in the United Kingdom and E.U. with various fleet operators, First Hydrogen sees hydrogen power as crucial for global electrification. The FCEV’s capabilities address the specific needs of fleet operators in sectors like grocery, parcel delivery, mining, and utilities, offering advantages not met by battery-electric vehicles.

Bold Plans for Growth and Sustainability

First Hydrogen envisions turning its North American demonstrator program into a catalyst for building a substantial 35 MW vehicle assembly facility and green hydrogen production plant in Shawinigan, Quebec. With an annual production capacity of up to 25,000 vehicles, the company aims to lead the way in green transportation.

Leadership and Optimism for the Future

The program’s leadership falls under Stéphane Gagnon, a seasoned engineer with a notable background in the development of innovative vehicles. Gagnon expresses confidence in the impact of First Hydrogen’s FCEVs on the transport sector’s decarbonization, fueled by the success witnessed in the U.K.

Stock Performance and Anticipation for Regulatory Changes

Despite facing a 64.85% loss year-over-year due to pre-revenue operations and net losses, First Hydrogen’s stock reflects the immense promise in the global electric vehicle market, with a 460% return since its inception in June 2020. The upcoming announcement of new EV sales regulations by the Government of Canada is seen as a potential turning point, with regulations aimed at achieving 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035.

Commitment to Green Hydrogen and Zero-Emission Vehicles

Dedicated to producing and distributing green hydrogen and zero-emission vehicles, First Hydrogen remains resilient in its pursuit of sustainable solutions. The Canadian EV stock (TSXV:FHYD) stands poised for potential resurgence, trading at C$1.68 per share, as it aligns with the evolving landscape of EV regulations in Canada.


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