Ford Faces Billions of Dollars in EV Losses, But Investors See Silver Lining


Ford Record Quarter Overview: In its recent sales data, Ford Motor Company reports a groundbreaking quarter with a surge in electric vehicle (EV) sales. While the impressive performance is evident, the accompanying billions in losses prompt a closer look.

The Devil in the Details: Ford’s 2023 U.S. sales witnessed a substantial 7.1% increase, reaching nearly 2 million vehicles. Notably, the F-Series trucks, commercial vehicles, and a stellar year for EVs fueled this growth.

F-Series Dominance and EV Transition: The enduring success of Ford finds its stronghold in the F-Series, a perennial leader as both the best-selling truck and vehicle in America. Notably, the shift towards electrification becomes apparent as the F-150 Lightning secures the pinnacle among electric trucks, while the F-150 Hybrid takes the lead in the realm of full-size hybrid trucks. This transition signifies a pivotal evolution in Ford’s lineup, reflecting a strategic response to the changing landscape of automotive preferences.

Encouraging EV Sales: Ford’s electric vehicles (EVs) achieved a noteworthy milestone, hitting record sales in the fourth quarter and experiencing a substantial 18% increase for the entire year. Noteworthy contributors to this success encompass the F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, and E-Transit. This triumvirate of electric marvels not only propelled Ford to the forefront of EV sales but also solidified its position as the second-largest EV brand in America for the year 2023. This achievement underscores the diverse appeal and robust market presence of Ford’s electric vehicle lineup.

Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gains: Despite the positive sales figures, Ford faces challenges, particularly in its EV business unit, Model e. The company is currently incurring losses with each EV produced, projecting a $4.5 billion deficit in 2023. However, Ford anticipates turning this around by the end of 2026, emphasizing the necessity of these quarterly records for eventual profitability.

Pathway to Profitability: Ford’s roadmap to 8% EBIT margins by 2026 hinges on scaling production and sales. Management foresees substantial gains through production efficiency, design, engineering, and lower battery costs.

What’s on the Horizon: Closing 2023 on a positive note, Ford anticipates continued growth in 2024. New releases, including F-150s, Rangers, Explorers, Expeditions, and Lincoln models, underline the company’s commitment to maintaining momentum despite current EV-related setbacks.

Investor Consideration: While headlines highlight Ford’s substantial EV losses, the company’s imperative is to sustain record EV sales for a quicker path to profitability. Investors should keep an eye on Ford’s strategic moves in the evolving electric vehicle landscape.


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