Former BMW Designer Joins Xiaomi’s EV Division in China


Xiaomi, renowned for its tech innovations, continues to shake up the automotive world with the addition of Chris Bangle, a notable figure from BMW’s design history. Bangle, renowned for leaving an indelible mark through influential work, which characterized the distinctive ‘Bangle Butt’ design era, will infuse Xiaomi’s electric vehicle division with a fresh perspective.

Xiaomi’s Journey into Automotive: The Chinese tech giant, now a full-fledged car brand, has already made waves with its SU7 electric sedan. Designed by Li Tianyuan, another former BMW designer, Xiaomi is clearly leveraging talent from the automotive giant to establish itself in the competitive electric vehicle market.

Surprising Move Unveiled: Xiaomi’s chairman and co-founder, Lei Jun, made the unexpected announcement about Bangle’s new role. Bangle, who served as BMW’s chief designer from 1992 to 2009, played a pivotal role in shaping models like the E65 7 Series and the E63 6 Series Coupe.

Volkswagen’s Electric Car Plans: Shifting gears to Volkswagen, the ID.2.all concept promised an affordable electric car in 2025. However, reports now suggest a delay in mass production to 2026 due to relaxed Euro 7 regulations. This strategic move allows VW to continue selling the Polo profitably, pushing the ID.2’s production to SEAT’s Martorell factory in Spain, now scheduled for May 2026.

The Affordable EV Market: Despite the delay, VW remains committed to bringing an affordable EV to market with the ID.2, anticipating a retail price of less than €25,000. With a sub-€20,000 EV also in the pipeline, Volkswagen aims to make electric mobility accessible to a broader audience, reshaping the landscape of affordable electric vehicles.

Looking Ahead: While the ID.2 is anticipated to be officially revealed in 2025, production constraints might limit availability until mid-2026. Xiaomi’s latest recruit, Chris Bangle, adds an intriguing dimension to the evolving electric vehicle narrative, hinting at innovative designs to come from the Chinese tech giant. The automotive industry watches closely as tech and design converge in this exciting chapter of electric mobility.


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