Former Etihad Cargo Chief Joins Atlas Air in C-Suite Role


Atlas Air, a significant figure in the aviation industry, has strategically appointed Martin Drew, formerly the chief of cargo operations at Etihad Airways, as the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer. This decisive move marks a notable shift in the executive landscape of the aviation industry.

Leadership Dynamics in Atlas Air:

The aviation sector has been witnessing dynamic shifts in its leadership landscape, and Atlas Air is no exception. The recent appointment of Martin Drew adds to a series of changes in the executive team. Michael Steen took over the position of CEO from John Dietrich in May, following a buyout of the cargo-focused aviation company by a group of investors in March. Richard Broekman was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer, inheriting Steen’s previous role while also taking charge of sustainability.

Further changes occurred in the financial domain, as Chief Financial Officer Spencer Schwartz retired in June, prompting the elevation of one of his assistants to the position of interim CFO. These shifts underscore a strategic approach to leadership changes, aligning with the evolving demands and ambitions of the industry.

Martin Drew: A Valuable Addition:
Martin Drew, renowned for his extensive background in aviation and cargo operations, adds a wealth of invaluable experience to Atlas Air. Hailing from a role where he oversaw all facets of cargo operations at Etihad Airways, encompassing global sales, marketing, and operations, Drew brings a nuanced understanding of the aviation industry’s intricate workings. This deep comprehension positions him strategically to drive innovation and transformation at Atlas Air, optimizing operations and fostering growth through strategic initiatives. His expertise and strategic vision are anticipated to propel Atlas Air into an even more prominent position within the dynamic aviation landscape.

Strategic Objectives for Atlas Air:

In his role as Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Drew holds the responsibility of propelling strategic growth initiatives. This entails diversifying services, fostering partnerships, and expanding the geographic reach of Atlas Air. With Atlas Air being a major operator of Boeing 747 jumbo jet freighters globally and serving high-profile clients like Amazon, the U.S. Department of Defense, Alibaba’s logistics arm Cainiao, and logistics giant Kuehne+Nagel, the strategic moves under Drew’s leadership are crucial for optimizing both passenger and cargo operations.

The aviation industry is experiencing a phase of transformation and adaptation, and this appointment affirms Atlas Air’s commitment to staying at the forefront by leveraging the expertise of key industry players.


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