French Food Bank Calls for Government Action Amidst Rising Inflation


Impact of Inflation on Restos du Coeur Steep inflation in France, currently running at 11.1%, is causing concerns for the renowned charity Restos du Coeur, famous for its soup kitchens and food parcels. While overall inflation rates have eased, the significant food inflation is affecting the charity’s ability to provide aid effectively.

Urgent Plea to Address the Crisis President of Restos du Coeur, Patrice Douret, expressed his worries, stating that inflation has reached unprecedented levels of severity. He urged the government to take immediate action to mitigate the impact.

Increasing Demand and the Struggle to Cope The charity anticipates distributing 170 million meals in 2022-2023, a significant increase from the previous year. However, due to inflation, it may be forced to reduce assistance to approximately 150,000 people in its upcoming annual food aid campaign, starting in November. The situation is dire, and the charity is likely to provide fewer food products to those in need.

Threat of Closure Looms With a surge in demand and rising costs, Restos du Coeur faces the real possibility of shutting down in the coming years. Douret’s appeal has prompted a response from the government, which pledged 15 million euros to the charity. Nevertheless, this donation falls short of covering the deficit.

Private Sector Steps In In a notable gesture, the family of Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of French luxury group LVMH, pledged an additional 10 million euros to support the association.

Addressing the Root Causes Restos du Coeur emphasized the need for the government to tackle the underlying issues of poverty. Yves Merillon, a spokesperson for the charity, called for more comprehensive measures to alleviate poverty.

Blame Game Amidst Price Increases The rising prices in supermarkets have triggered a dispute between retailers and consumer goods companies. This dispute persists despite a recent decrease in the cost of raw materials.

Government’s Response France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced the acceleration of annual price negotiations, originally scheduled for the next year. The aim is to implement price reductions starting from January.


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