Geely Alerts of EV Shipment Delays to Europe Due to Red Sea Attacks


Impact of Red Sea Attacks on Geely’s EV Sales: Chinese automaker Geely issued a warning, stating that its electric vehicle (EV) sales might encounter disruptions due to delays in deliveries caused by the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea. The region, particularly the Suez Canal, a crucial shipping route, faces challenges as Yemeni militants target vessels.

Shipping Route Adjustments and Cost Implications: To avoid the hostile situation in the Red Sea, Geely reported that shipping firms it relies on for EV exports to Europe are considering longer routes around the Cape of Good Hope. This alternative route is expected to increase shipping costs significantly, potentially impacting the overall transport expenses for EV shipments.

Industry-Wide Ramifications: The logistics industry, a key player in serving China’s automotive exports, predicts a five-fold increase in shipping costs due to rerouting. Analysts foresee a shortage of vessels by the second half of January, emphasizing the longer duration ships take to return to port after the extended journey around the Cape of Good Hope.

Broader Implications for Chinese Automakers: Geely’s warning not only poses challenges for its EV exports but also indicates potential difficulties for other Chinese automakers eyeing increased exports to Europe. With overcapacity and weakened demand domestically, this development could impact the broader landscape of Chinese automotive exports.

Global Shipping Industry Response: The Red Sea attacks have prompted various global shippers to divert from the region. The Houthi attacks, in response to geopolitical events, raise concerns about the safety of maritime routes. This situation has led companies like Geely to consider alternative routes, affecting the entire global shipping industry.

Immediate Response and Future Strategies: Geely did not disclose the names of shipping companies involved, and industry insiders suggest that companies like Tesla and SAIC Motor Corp are making efforts to secure vessels. However, smaller companies may face challenges in adapting to the new shipping dynamics. The industry is closely monitoring the situation and exploring the most feasible approaches to navigate these disruptions.

Regulatory and Market Dynamics: The disruptions come at a time when Chinese carmakers, including Geely, have been experiencing strong sales in Europe. European regulators have expressed concerns, investigating potential punitive tariffs to protect the interests of European Union automakers.

Conclusion and Industry Outlook: As Geely issues warnings about the impact of Red Sea attacks on its EV exports, the automotive industry is bracing for potential challenges. The evolving situation underscores the interconnectedness of global shipping routes and the broader implications for electric vehicle exports amid geopolitical uncertainties. The industry awaits further developments and explores strategies to mitigate potential disruptions.


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