Genesis Seeks Court Nod to Cut Three Arrows Capital Claim


Genesis Seeks Resolution:

Genesis, a cryptocurrency lender undergoing bankruptcy, has submitted a proposal to the court regarding its settlement agreement with Three Arrows Capital (3AC), a collapsed crypto hedge fund.

Court Approval Requested:

In a filing on November 9, Genesis urged the court to endorse the proposed settlement, outlining that the 3AC debtor should be granted an allowed general unsecured claim totaling $33 million. This figure represents 3.3% of the initially asserted $1 billion in claims against Genesis debtors.

Adjusting Financial Claims:

The move signifies Genesis’ efforts to navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrency financial obligations during bankruptcy proceedings. By seeking a significant reduction in Three Arrows Capital’s claim, Genesis aims to streamline the resolution process and manage its financial liabilities more effectively.

Implications for Three Arrows Capital:

If approved, the adjusted claim would have substantial implications for Three Arrows Capital, significantly reducing its financial stake in the bankruptcy proceedings. The court’s decision on this matter will shape the dynamics of the ongoing legal and financial restructuring within the cryptocurrency lending space.

Legal Proceedings Unfold:

As the court evaluates the proposal, the cryptocurrency community watches closely, as the outcome may set precedents for handling similar situations in the ever-evolving landscape of crypto-related financial disputes. Genesis and Three Arrows Capital’s interaction in this legal arena underscores the challenges and intricacies involved in resolving financial matters within the cryptocurrency sector.


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