GM Halts Chevy Blazer EV Sales Due to Software Issues


GM’s Chevy Blazer EV Faces Sales Halt

General Motors (GM) has hit the brakes on the sale of its Chevy Blazer EV, addressing critical software quality issues. The move comes as a response to reported problems faced by a limited number of Blazer EV owners.

Temporary Pause for Software Fix

In an official statement, GM acknowledged the existence of software quality issues and expressed its commitment to actively working on a fix for customers. The temporary sales pause aims to ensure a positive vehicle experience for owners. GM’s engineering teams are working diligently on a comprehensive software update.

Issues Identified by Edmunds

Edmunds, in its long-term test fleet, discovered a concerning list of 23 fault codes during a diagnostic test of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV RS AWD. The vehicle’s stay at the dealership extended for over two weeks, showcasing a high number of major faults, as reported by Edmunds.

Screen and Charging Problems

GM confirmed issues with the Blazer EV’s screens and DC Fast charging stations, affecting user experience. The fix will involve a dealership visit for a software update. The automaker is committed to addressing these concerns promptly.

User Complaints Extend to Ultium-Powered EVs

Reports suggest that other GM Ultium-powered electric vehicles are facing challenging problems, signaling potential system-wide issues. Complaints about unusual problems continue to emerge, posing a challenge for GM’s engineering teams.

Impact on Owners and Resolution Timeline

Blazer EV owners are advised to await further information on scheduling their software updates. GM expressed regret for any inconvenience caused. The automaker assures that teams are working around the clock, indicating a commitment to resolving the issues promptly.

Conclusion and Future Expectations

GM’s move to pause sales demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and vehicle quality. As a resolution is actively pursued, owners can anticipate updates and a comprehensive fix to enhance the performance and reliability of their Chevy Blazer EVs.


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