Google CEO Sundar Pichai Commends OpenAI for ChatGPT Launch


Sundar Pichai’s Excitement: Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed his enthusiasm for OpenAI during a recent interaction, where he described the launch of ChatGPT as an “exciting moment.” He also discussed the profound impact of artificial intelligence and its increasing deployment.

Google’s AI Commitment: Addressing the question of whether Google was caught off guard by the release of large language models by OpenAI and Microsoft, Pichai emphasized that Google had been contemplating AI since its inception. He mentioned the company’s pivot to being “AI-first” and substantial investments in AI research, resulting in their own LLM (Large Language Model) called LaMDA.

Maturation of AI Technology: Despite their early interest in AI, Pichai acknowledged that Google believed the technology needed further maturation before integration into their products. He stated, “Obviously, we were thinking about running large consumer products. But we definitely felt that the technology needed to mature a bit more before we put it in our products.”

Credit to OpenAI: Pichai commended OpenAI, particularly Sam Altman’s leadership, for the launch of ChatGPT. He recognized OpenAI’s achievement in demonstrating a “product-market fit” when they introduced their chatbot to the public. He also highlighted the excitement he felt because Google is actively developing similar underlying AI technology.

Google’s Competitive Stance: Pichai expressed comfort with Google’s position in the AI landscape, emphasizing that the AI technology trajectory is long-term. He noted that competition in the AI space, including rivals like OpenAI and Microsoft, has always existed. Pichai pointed out that Google has faced competition from Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri in the past.


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