Gotion High-Tech Plans EV Battery Plant in Morocco


In a significant move toward bolstering the global electric vehicle (EV) market, Gotion High-Tech, a prominent Chinese EV battery manufacturer, is exploring the establishment of an EV battery manufacturing plant in Morocco. The collaboration stems from a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Gotion High-Tech and ABB Group, a renowned global technology company.

The collaborative project involves a comprehensive feasibility assessment, aiming to bring ABB goods and services into the ambit of Gotion High-Tech’s initiatives. The partnership also delves into potential collaborations in research and development (R&D), exploring avenues for the delivery of Gotion High-Tech’s battery cells, modules, and packs to ABB and its affiliates.

The focus of the partnership extends beyond mere manufacturing. ABB and Gotion High-Tech aim to provide a master design plan that seamlessly integrates automation, electrification, and digital technologies. The strategic collaboration is expected to expedite operations while ensuring safety and environmental responsibility at every stage, as emphasized by Gotion Chairman Li Zhen.

Business Unit Manager of Battery Manufacturing at ABB, Staffan Sodergard, considers the agreement a significant milestone for ABB in battery manufacturing. He emphasizes the importance of producing large quantities of batteries to meet the escalating demand for electric vehicles worldwide.

The collaboration also encompasses ABB’s exploration of supplying various hardware, software, and digital resources for material handling, transportation, and adaptive machine and line automation. Additionally, ABB will investigate the potential applications of Gotion High-Tech’s products in diverse sectors, including maritime, microgrids, and renewable energy.

This initiative builds upon a prior agreement between Morocco and Gotion High-Tech earlier this year, outlining plans for a $6.4 billion electric vehicle battery manufacturing complex, marking a significant stride toward Africa’s first substantial battery plant.


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