Greentech Revolutionary EV Battery Boosts Range by 73%


Enpower Greentech has unveiled a groundbreaking A-Sample battery designed for class-1 commercial EVs. The revolutionary “Swift” battery technology is a game-changer in the electric mobility landscape, boasting a remarkable 73% increase in range.

Swift Technology: Utilizing Enpower Greentech’s cutting-edge semi-solid state “Swift” batteries, this EV pack sets itself apart by containing less liquid electrolyte. This not only enhances safety but also makes it a lighter and safer choice for e-mobility, challenging the conventional lithium-ion batteries currently in use.

R&D Focus: Dr. Yong Che, CTO, and Co-founder at Enpower Greentech, emphasizes the company’s commitment to addressing “range anxiety.” The dual-driving forces of safety and energy density propel their R&D teams forward, ensuring commercial and passenger EVs stay on the road longer.

Performance Boost: Delivered to Ann Arbor, MI in December 2023, the 72Wh Swift EV pack exceeded expectations. The class-1 EV, which previously had a 110-mile estimated range, now boasts an impressive 190-mile range under the same dimensional constraints. Passing multiple tests, the Swift battery has been in full commercial production since early November 2023.

Future Outlook: Dr. Yong Che expresses excitement about the potential impact on the electric vehicle industry. Encouraging OEM manufacturers to actively consider the Swift platform as a promising solution, the 73% range boost speeds up the adoption of e-mobility.

Enpower Greentech’s Commitment: Enpower Greentech, Inc., a global leader in solid-state battery development, is set to manufacture American-Made batteries and packs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by late 2024. Committed to meeting all Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) requirements for US partners, the company continues to produce advanced batteries for e-mobility companies and OEM partners.


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