Growing Popularity of Staking in Ethereum Drives


The Ethereum network has witnessed a surge in the practice of staking, a method that allows users to earn rewards on the blockchain. Recent analysis indicates that individuals are presently staking 20% of all Ethereum, and industry experts believe this number could potentially escalate to 50%.

Appeal to Investors

This increasing trend in staking has captivated the interest of traditional investors seeking secure and strategic ways to utilize their cryptocurrency assets, especially in the midst of a bear market. However, experts emphasize the need for caution and thorough research before participating in staking activities.

Understanding the Staking Landscape

Felix Lutsch, an advisor at staking company Chorus One, compared staking to buying U.S. Treasury Bills, emphasizing its potential in countering inflation caused by newly minted tokens. He emphasized that one should focus on the fundamental reasons for staking and avoid getting enticed by high rewards from obscure staking opportunities.

Warnings and Cautions

However, experts issue warnings, particularly against “incestuous collateral,” where the collateral backing an asset class mirrors the asset it’s supporting, drawing parallels to the 2008 financial crisis. Over-collateralized lending protocols in the crypto world can pose risks, potentially leading to substantial liquidations and losses for users.

Advising the Novice Stakers

Lutsch further provided advice to new stakers, suggesting not to overlook the underlying project and to invest in a project or token they believe in before considering staking for additional benefits.

Highlighting Staking Pools

Innovative ideas spotlight staking pools like Lido, Stakewise, and Rocket Pool. However, experts caution about inherent risks such as “slashing” or the exposure from collateral held in specific assets.

Embracing Caution and Long-term Gains

Experts strongly recommend investors thoroughly vet the underlying project and embrace a patient, steady approach to staking. They emphasize the importance of focusing on long-term gains rather than being swayed by short-term high yields, particularly during bullish market trends. Trusting in the underlying project is crucial for navigating the staking landscape successfully.


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