Honeywell’s Engine Triumphs with Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Testing the Future: Honeywell’s Engine Triumphs with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Honeywell’s HTF7500 turbofan engine, powering Embraer’s Praetor 600 aircraft, recently made history by undergoing successful testing using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The groundbreaking test, comparing the engine’s performance with both SAF and traditional jet fuel, revealed equal efficiency levels, marking a significant stride in sustainable aviation. Let’s delve into the details of this pivotal achievement.

A Milestone for Sustainable Aviation

Embraer’s campus in Melbourne, Florida, witnessed a crucial aviation event as the HTF7500 engine was put to the test. In a side-by-side comparison, one engine utilized 100% SAF while the other ran on conventional jet fuel. The outcome was exceptional – the engine fueled by SAF performed flawlessly, mirroring the efficiency of its traditional counterpart.

Fueling a Sustainable Future

Dave Marinick, President of Engines and Power Systems at Honeywell Aerospace, emphasized the significance of this milestone. The successful SAF test aligns with the industry’s commitment to carbon reduction, a crucial endeavor for the aviation sector. Notably, Honeywell is not only promoting SAF but also integrating these advancements into their own engines and auxiliary power units (APUs).

The Power Behind the Aircraft

The HTF7500 engine, a powerhouse developed by Honeywell, propels both the Embraer Praetor 600 and Praetor 500 aircraft. Renowned for unmatched dispatch reliability, reduced noise levels, and improved fuel efficiency, this engine encapsulates innovation in aviation technology.

Honeywell’s SAF Leadership

Honeywell, a trailblazer in sustainable aviation fuel, holds over 40 licenses for Ecofining™ to produce SAF. Furthermore, Honeywell directs a substantial portion of its research and development investment towards ESG-oriented outcomes, emphasizing their dedication to a sustainable aviation future.

This successful test represents a beacon of hope for a greener aviation industry, fueling optimism for the integration of sustainable aviation fuel in mainstream aircraft operations. Honeywell’s dedication to this cause mirrors a broader commitment within the aviation sector to minimize its environmental footprint while soaring towards a sustainable future.


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