Kerala Minister R Bindu on AI in Education Conclave


Kerala’s Vision for AI Integration in Education

Kerala’s Minister of Higher Education and Social Justice, R Bindu, emphasizes strategic AI integration in education during the forthcoming International Conclave on Generative AI and the Future of Education. The event will witness experts from esteemed national and international institutions contributing insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Following this, the government plans to meticulously gather and analyze data for optimal AI utilization in the educational domain.

Beyond Education: Exploring AI Across Life Aspects

Minister R Bindu emphasizes that AI’s potential extends beyond education, permeating various life domains. Furthermore, the conclave will play a vital role in consolidating diverse perspectives and summarizing the data, ultimately aiding the state government in effective planning. Notably, the Institute of Human Resource Development (IHRD) actively supports this government initiative, delving into the ethical dimensions intertwined with AI usage.

A Conclave for Envisioning AI in Daily Life

Scheduled for September 30 and October 1, 2023, in Trivandrum, the International Conclave on Generative AI and the Future of Education draws attention from esteemed national and international AI experts. Moreover, the event seeks to delve into the conceivable integration of Artificial Intelligence into various facets of everyday life, with education being a significant focal point.

Kerala’s AI Endeavors: A Holistic Approach

Kerala’s emphasis on AI is palpable; various state institutions are actively organizing workshops, sessions, and programs to advance the understanding and application of AI. Notably, these efforts manifest in recent events, such as the AI workshop organized by the College of Engineering Attingal and the ICSET 2023 by the ICT Academy of Kerala in collaboration with Infopark. This proactive approach by Kerala underscores its dedication to harnessing AI’s potential for societal betterment and advancement.


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