KWESST Micro Systems Welcomes Sean Homuth as New CEO


KWESST Micro Systems Inc. (TSXV: KWE) (NASDAQ: KWE) announces Sean Homuth as the new President and CEO, succeeding Jeff MacLeod. Homuth, with extensive experience in public companies and finance, takes the helm during KWESST’s momentum in Defense and Public Safety sectors. Kris Denis assumes interim CFO duties. The announcement signals stability during expansion plans and ongoing projects.

Leadership Transition: A Strategic Move

The appointment of Sean Homuth as President and CEO marks a strategic move for KWESST Micro Systems, providing a seamless transition in leadership. Homuth’s extensive background in finance, capital markets, and strategic development positions him to lead the company effectively during its growth phase.

Financial Leadership: Kris Denis Takes Interim CFO Role

With Kris Denis assuming the interim CFO role, KWESST reinforces its financial stability. Denis brings 20 years of financial management expertise, ensuring continuity and a steady financial course during the leadership transition.

Operational Milestones: Navigating Intense Periods

Homuth’s leadership transition coincides with a period of intense operational activity, including the annual year-end audit, advancements in SaaS product development, and progress in defense business opportunities. His pivotal role underscores the strategic navigation of critical initiatives.

Continuity Amid Expansion: Building on Momentum

Homuth’s appointment ensures continuity during KWESST’s expansion initiatives in the Defense and Public Safety sectors. The company is positioned for growth, with ongoing projects and the introduction of the Arwen 40mm product, signifying momentum in its strategic expansion.

About KWESST: Pioneering Tactical Systems

KWESST specializes in the development of cutting-edge tactical systems for military and security forces. The company’s portfolio includes real-time situational awareness solutions and countermeasures against electronic threats, lasers, and drones. KWESST’s innovative products seamlessly integrate with OEM offerings.

Forward-Looking Strategies: Homuth’s Strategic Vision

Homuth’s strategic vision aligns with KWESST’s forward-looking strategies, emphasizing the importance of safety frameworks in the development and deployment of tactical systems. The company is poised for sustained growth under Homuth’s leadership.

Conclusion: Stepping Into the Future

KWESST’s strategic move in appointing Sean Homuth as CEO reflects its commitment to stability and growth. The transition comes at a crucial juncture, emphasizing the company’s readiness to step into the future under Homuth’s leadership.


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