Li Auto Aims to Unveil First All-Electric Vehicle in March


Li Auto, a prominent player in China’s automotive landscape, is gearing up for a significant milestone with the impending launch of its first fully electric vehicle (EV) in March. The company has initiated pre-orders for the anticipated MEGA multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), setting an estimated price point below 600,000 yuan.

Overview of Li Auto:

Established in 2015, Li Auto has made its mark in the automotive industry with a focus on extended-range hybrid SUVs tailored for family users. The company has positioned itself with four hybrid SUV models, all priced above 300,000 yuan.

The MEGA MPV and Production Plans:

In a strategic move, Li Auto announced in November that the MEGA MPV would take the lead as the first model to roll off its Beijing plant. This manufacturing facility boasts a design capacity of 100,000 units annually, underlining the brand’s commitment to scaling up its EV production capabilities.

Market Standing:

Li Auto has secured a notable position in the Chinese electric and hybrid car market. As of the first 10 months of the current year, the company ranks seventh in sales volume among manufacturers in this segment. Notably, Li Auto has concentrated its sales efforts within China and has not disclosed any plans for international vehicle sales.


With the eagerly anticipated launch of its fully electric MEGA MPV, Li Auto is poised to make significant strides in the evolving landscape of electric mobility in China. The company’s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle portfolio underscores the broader industry trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.


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