Lucid Group Challenges: Dips in Performance, Shares Plummet


Facing a formidable setback, Lucid Group grapples with a pronounced downturn in deliveries and production during the fourth quarter, resulting in a substantial plunge in its stock value.

Industry Challenges and Impact on Lucid

In the ever-evolving electric vehicle landscape, the industry contends with the ripple effects of high-interest rates, leading to a discernible reduction in demand. Lucid, a key player, finds itself navigating the tumultuous waters as Tesla’s aggressive price war exacerbates the struggle, compelling Lucid to confront a tangible decline in market share.

Analyst Perspective: Bleak Outlook for Lucid

From the vantage point of Garrett Nelson, a seasoned senior equity analyst at CFRA Research, a cloud of concern looms over Lucid’s horizon. Nelson underscores the precarious situation, emphasizing the inadequacy of fundamental and technical support for Lucid’s stock, and foresees an ominous trajectory with expectations of further lows.

Delivery and Production Figures: A Detailed Overview

Delving into the specifics, Lucid’s deliveries register a noteworthy 10% descent to 1,734 vehicles in Q4 2023 compared to the corresponding period last year. Simultaneously, production experiences a substantial slump of around 31%, with output totaling 2,391 vehicles. This production downturn aligns with Lucid’s revised annual target range of 8,000 to 8,500 units, a strategic move prompted by the need to prudently synchronize output with deliveries.

Industry Trends: Rivian’s Parallel Struggles

Drawing parallels in the industry narrative, sector peer Rivian grapples with analogous challenges, falling short of delivery expectations in the final quarter of 2023. This shortfall is attributed to a broader slowdown in electric vehicle demand across the United States, underscoring the pervasive difficulties within the industry.

Strategic Adjustments: Lucid’s Production Forecast Reduction

Navigating strategic waters, Lucid implements a pivotal adjustment in November by revising its production forecast downward. This calculated move is underscored by the imperative need to align output with deliveries, signifying a deliberate and cautious approach to weathering industry headwinds.

Investor Impact: Lucid’s Stock Performance in 2022

The financial landscape reveals the profound impact on investors as shares of Lucid, buoyed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), undergo a staggering 38% decline in the past year. This stark downturn underscores the formidable challenges faced by Lucid, emphasizing the intense competition and market dynamics that shape its trajectory.


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