Mark Cuban’s Hot Wallet Hacked: $870K Lost


Security Breach Unveiled: On the evening of September 15, precisely at 8 p.m. UTC, blockchain investigator Wazz made a startling discovery. A breach, a compromise of security, had occurred within one of the hot wallets owned by the renowned entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. Astonishingly, this particular wallet had remained untouched by Cuban for approximately five months. Despite this period of dormancy, a sudden and substantial drainage of crypto assets, amounting to nearly $900,000, took place.

Asset Movement and Suspicions: In a meticulous analysis of the wallet’s transaction history on Etherscan, a series of rapid asset withdrawals unfolded, encompassing significant cryptocurrencies like USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), and Lido Staked Ether (stETH). Remarkably, these transactions transpired within an exceptionally brief 10-minute window. Intriguingly, during this flurry of activity, an additional $2 million USDC swiftly moved to a different wallet, prompting intense speculation and discussion within the community. Enthusiasts and analysts are actively deliberating the motives behind this swift movement, contemplating the possibility of a deliberate strategy involving asset relocation or reallocation. As the crypto community observes this event, speculation abounds regarding its implications and motivations.

Cuban’s Response and Asset Transfer: Following the breach, Cuban acknowledged the incident and confirmed that he had accessed MetaMask after a prolonged hiatus. He hinted at the possibility that hackers had been monitoring this re-engagement and seized the moment. Taking prompt action, Cuban secured any remaining assets by transferring them to Coinbase Custody, substantiating his involvement in the $2 million USDC transaction.

Community Reactions and Speculations: In the wake of the breach, the cryptocurrency community reacted promptly, speculating that Cuban’s actions might have inadvertently triggered the security compromise. Theories varied, spanning from the unintentional authorization of a malicious transaction to the potential compromise of his private key. This speculation arose, especially in light of the direct fund transfers from the wallet.

Previous Encounters with Crypto Loss: This incident isn’t Cuban’s first encounter with cryptocurrency losses. In June 2021, he faced an unspecified loss in the crypto market due to a “rug pull” involving the algorithmic stablecoin project, Iron Finance, which collapsed amid a supposed bank run.


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